What is App Store Optimization

ASO represents App Store Optimization the same as SEO that is Search Engine Optimisation.SEO helps in positioning your site or websites or blogs in Google search results known as SERP. There are two sorts of SEO methods i.e off-page search engine optimization and on-page SEO. However, we won’t talk much about SEO in this book. However, I have clarified about SEO in detail later in this book.ASO in short can be characterized as the way toward improving application visibility inside application stores, for example, apple store or google play store and expanding conversion rates that are organic downloads.ASO likewise centers around Click Through Rate (CTR). This implies you need to persuade individuals to really click into your application store listing once they discover it. Higher the visibility, more the downloads. You can do as such by advancing your App Name, App Title, App Icon, App Screenshots, and App Rating and reviews and playing with keywords wisely..So ASO like SEO encourages us in ranking our applications on google play store or apple app store rankings. App developers or organizations must utilize ASO techniques to get their applications ranked higher on google play store and at last get higher organic installs.

When individuals navigate to your application store listing page, you need to ensure they additionally download it or make a buy. This piece of ASO is otherwise called Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

The calculation for ranking applications isn’t known to anybody, only google knows how they rank applications on google play store and same applies to apple application store as well however that is not the point to stress, if the methods would not be known to anybody, I wouldn’t write this book. It’s genuine that even I don’t the method for ranking applications yet yes I have the experience of positioning 90% of my applications in top 10 in google play store search results, I have additionally ranked huge numbers of, my customer’s apps, companies I worked for, etc in top 10 of google play store rankings. If right ASO methods are utilized you can without much of a stretch rank your applications on play store with appropriate streamlining strategies joined with keyword research and in particular Digital marketing. There are over 3.6 million android applications on google play store and about 2.7 million applications on apple store. How it’s feasible for your application to hang out in that extreme competition. That is the reason ASO is utilized. Developing an application isn’t an issue, marketing is. There is hellfire parcel of applications advanced with such a large amount of features still doesn’t have downloads considerably more than 100. This is where digital marketing is utilized along with a legitimate app store optimization strategy.

Quick difference between ASO and SEO.

ASO is regularly alluded to as app store SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The two procedures share likenesses like keyword optimizations, backlinks and conversion enhancement. The fundamental contrasts between App Store Optimization and Search Engine Optimization are the ranking elements. Additionally, ASO is used for mobile applications while SEO is for sites and blogs.

SEO factors for an internet browser, similar to Google Search, include in excess of 200 viewpoints and the rundown continues growing. The rundown of ranking components for ASO is a lot shorter, anyway numerous individuals are as yet uncertain of which ones play a major role.Reading this book is an ideal opportunity to stop that!. I have mentioned around 20+ ASO strategies in this book to boost your app ranking within 15 days.

Before we move on to optimization strategies and techniques let me tell you that there are basically two types of ASO.

1. On page ASO – On page ASO includes all those techniques and strategies mentioned in the next chapter.

2.Off-page ASO – Off-page ASO is hidden factors that determine app rankings and these factors are unrevealed by google or apple. These are some special and hidden factors that add value to apps rankings.

Here are some of the most common ASO techniques used for ranking your apps on google play store or apple store.

  1. Proper Icon

2.Package name

3..A good and descriptive titles including some keywords.

4.Keyword Research

5…A good short description

6…A proper full description playing with keywords well and targeting keywords.

7…Managing tags and categories

8…Awesome screenshots of your app.

9…A well edited promo video.

10.. Positive Reviews and ratings

11. Users retained

12. App size

13.Share App option

14.App Store Analytics

15.Tracking/Monitoring main KPI’s.

16.App Updates

17.Backlinks and Landing page

18.Replying to all the reviews.

19.App Engagement


21.Hidden and Special Factors

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