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White Hat,Black Hat and Grey Hat ASO

White Hat ASO – White hat ASO alludes to any practice that improves your applications search performance on an App store listing which is known as APL while keeping up the respectability of the application and remaining inside the guidelines, terms, and conditions of the google play store or apple store. It predominantly incorporates the utilization of genuine optimization techniques and strategies that improves your application rankings. White Hat ASO procedures never violate any policies and are working on following terms and conditions and remaining inside the rules.

Black Hat ASO – Black Hat ASO is inverse or opposite to white Hat ASO. It includes accomplishing something that disregards or violates google play or apple store policies and getting downloads that aren’t legit. This includes fraudulent activities performed by developers to get their application positioned and get more installs. This hack can, at last, suspend or ban your application or even suspend your developer’s account permanently since its not legit. Some instances of Black Hat ASO incorporates counterfeit downloads, fake ratings and reviews, and rehearsing fraudulent activities.Using non-genuine approaches to improve rankings,getting downloads etc goes under Black Hat ASO.

Grey Hat ASO – Gray Hat ASO is a mixture or combination of both White Hat ASO and Black Hat ASO.Most regular practices incorporate purchasing application downloads, app reviews, reskinning applications that is utilizing others application with your own name and package name, etc.Copying others content, etc.

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